Viral Video: Deep sea diver plays with octopus, internet goes crazy

Deep sea life intrigues and fascinates everyone because it is so diverse and fascinating to observe.

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Our fascination with and desire to engage with the wonderful organisms that live in the ocean's depths stems from its astonishing beauty and abundance. Octopus, on the other hand, is one of the most fascinating creature to be found in the ocean's depths.

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A video of an octopus is going viral on social media. Buitengebieden shared the video on Twitter with caption, "Playful tiny octopus. Watch until the end."

The video starts with the diver showing the octopus on his hand, and it dives towards it. After this, the octopus repeatedly lashes out at the diver's hand with its head. After some time, it realises that this "wall" is insurmountable and starts to exit. In order to entice it closer, the diver gently pulls on one of its tentacles.

As the diver continues to play with the octopus, the octopus can be seen quietly relaxing on his fist.

As of this writing, 19.0 lakh people have seen the video and 1.31 lank have liked it on Twitter. To far, the post has received more than 18,000 retweets.

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