'My marriage was fake...': Viral 'Reel wala Dulha' reveals truth behind his wedding

Raja vlog reveals the truth behind his wedding, video of which went viral on social media.

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Social media is home to bizarre reels and hilarious content. Among all the chaos, one reel that stood out was of a young man who marries his wife in a reel. The man is known as the 'reel wala dulha'.  The man posted reels on every ritual of his entire wedding. Netizens are saying that the couple decided to tie the knot with the sole purpose of making reels. 

This man is known as Raja. Amid growing popularity and subsequent backlash, the man has now posted another video on his Instagram account clarifying the truth behind the wedding reels.  Raja uploaded the video with the caption, "Jhuthi Shaadi kiya maine Kya hai Sacchai?" (I faked my wedding. What is the truth?). 

In the video, Raja is seen with his mother and his newly wedded wife. All three of them start the video with folded hands. He clarifies that the pink vermilion used in his reels is a traditional choice of colour in Bihar. 

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Whereas popularly, red vermilion is used in Hindu weddings. Raja and his mother reveal that the pink vermilion is a part of the culture in Bihar and that his wedding is real.

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