Man spends 400 dollars to treat limping dog, finds out pet was 'copying' him

British man spent 400 dollars to examine his dog's leg only to later find out that he was imitating the owner.

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A bizarre incident took place, where a British man spent over 400 dollars to examine his dog's leg and later found out that the canine was imitating him after he broke his ankle.   The owner named Russell Jones shared a hilarious video on Facebook capturing the doggy imitating his behaviour while walking beside him, and in just a few days, received over 11k likes along with 26k shares.

During a walk, Jones noticed that his dog was having a hard time walking and he could hardly put his left foot on the ground. He went to the veterinarian to get a thorough checkup.  They had to shell out 400 dollars for two different visits along with x-rays and painkillers yet they were unable to detect the problem, so the veterinarian said there was nothing they could do.

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After returning home, Jones decided to run a little experiment and sent Billy out in the garden to play with his wife and there was no sign of limping. That is when it hit Jones. Billy wasn’t hurt, he was being sympathetic. He knew that his owner was in a cast, so he was going to limp as well.

He also shared a video posted on Facebook that showed Jones walking down the street with his faithful lurcher, Billy, by his side. Billy was walking with his left paw lifted from the ground, looking pathetic as he could barely walk and was limping terribly.


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