This Indian King owned world's biggest Pukhraj stone, it was called eye of a demon, he ruled...

This Indian king had the world's biggest Pukhraj stone which he wore on his turban. Know his story here.

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The last king of Kapurthala, Maharaja Jagajit Singh is known for his lavish lifestyle. His royal tressure was filled with the costliest jewellery, pearls, diamonds, emeralds, etc. In his possessions, Maharaja Jagajit Singh also had the biggest Pukhraj stone. Maharaja Jagajit Singh would wear the Punkhraj in his turban. 

Historians Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins wrote in their book that the shine of the Pukhraj adorned on the Maharaja's turban was so bright that it could be recognised from several meters away. Due to this shine, that stone was compared to the eye of a demon.

There were 3000 more diamonds and pearls studded around that unique stone. Whenever the Maharaja came out wearing his turban, there used to be a queue of people to watch the majestic pukhraj.

Maharaja Jagatjit Singh, in his time, used many branded and luxury products from all over the world, including Louis Vuitton. The Maharaja would carry 60 trunks of Louis Vuitton with him. Which will have everything, including his watches, spectacles, diamonds, jewels and turban.

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The Maharaja of Kapurthala had a great interest in literature and art. At the age of 18, he went to Paris for the first time and was hugely influenced by French culture. The Maharaja of Kapurthala built his palace on the lines of the Versailles Palace of France.

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