Groom runs away from wedding venue after seeing the bride - WATCH viral video here

Watch - What did the bride do to make the groom run away from their wedding in this viral video

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Wedding season brings out the best and worst in people and they are not to be blamed for it. It can be overwhelming for some and a journey of fun and laughter for others. For this particular groom, it was a different experience from everything that we have seen yet.

Recently, a video of a lovely couple appeared on Instagram Reels which surprised everyone and no one could believe what had happened. 

In the video, the bride and groom are seen sitting at the wedding pavilion together and are seen surrounded by family members. The groom stands up for completing the ceremony of filling the vermilion, but something strange happened and the groom ran away from the pavilion. 

As soon as the groom stands to apply vermilion, the bride somehow loses her balance and falls sidewards. Seeing this, the groom suddenly reacts very surprised like he encountered a ghost of some sort and throws his headdress and garland and runs away.

What had exactly happened at the venue is still not clear nor does anyone what happened to the bride. This video was shared by Niranjan Mohapatra and has gone viral on social media. About twelve thousand people have shared and liked this video.

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