World’s Most Expensive Number Plate sold for Rs 122.6 crores, sets Guinness World Record

P7, the most expensive licence plate in the world, has been auctioned for billions. Know details.

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Every car has a number plate, which serves as the vehicle's identification. In India, the RTO office is responsible for issuing licence plates to automobiles; this service costs several rupees. But did you know that a licence plate can be purchased for crores? Today, we'll talk about one such licence plate that sold for millions of rupees.

In reality, the majority of Noble numbers were sold at auction in Dubai, where several of them fetched millions of dollars. In this auction, the P7 licence plate has brought in the most money. It is so expensive that even billion-dollar apartments may be purchased in upscale neighbourhoods of Mumbai.

How much was the P7 number plate sold for?
VIP car number plate P7 was sold for a record 55 million dirhams which is approximately Rs 122.6 crores at the ‘Most Noble Numbers’ charity auction. It has set a Guinness World Record for the most expensive number plate in the world. 

Who bought the P7 number plate in the auction?
The buyer of the number plate is anonymous while the proceeds from the auction will go directly to support the ‘1 Billion Meals Endowment' campaign. 

What else was sold in the auction?
At the event hosted at the Four Seasons hotel in Jumeirah, a number of additional VIP number plates and phone numbers were also auctioned off, according to IANS. The auction brought in over 100 million dirhams ($27 million), which will be used to feed people during Ramadan. Car licence plates and premium cellphone numbers were auctioned off for a total of 9.792 crore dirhams. 

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