Fat to fit: Inspirational story of girl who lost around 90 kg in 18 months

After 18 months of hard work and dedication, Stephanie was finally able to lose around 90 kg.

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A very inspirational story of Stepahanie Smith's transformation from fat to fit shows how the 22-year-old, from England's Kent, improved her diet and lifestyle habits to achieve a healthy goal for herself, according to a report by the Daily Mail. As per WHO, the standard range of a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 24.9. Stephanie's BMI according to her weight, was 56. After 18 months of hard work and dedication, she was finally able to lose around 90 kg.

In an interview, Stephanie said, "I have been very fond of food since childhood. By the time I was 12, I was a normal-sized girl. I started gaining weight only after the age of 12. I remember eating a whole cake when I was in school. After a few days, I started eating two cakes and a whole packet of biscuits and rolls. There was no limit to my hunger. All the time, only food was on my mind. I was always wondering what would be made for lunch? What will mother be making for dinner? What snacks should I eat? My thinking and understanding had become limited to food only. "

Stephanie further added that she used to eat till her stomach is not full. Many times, she used to eat till her stomach started to hurt. "I used to eat avocado, scrambled eggs, and toast for breakfast. After this, there was a big bar of dairy milk. I used to eat it too. Then as soon as I felt hungry, she used to eat crunchy-beefers-cakes too. In lunch, I used to eat two big sandwiches. One can be say that I used to eat all day long," Stephanie told.

What triggered the weight gain?

When Stephanie was around 15–16 years old, she was so addicted to food that her parents used to lock the kitchen and fridge. Stephanie explained, "I started using contraception when I was 15–16 years old, due to which my appetite increased. As a form of contraception, I had resorted to the contraceptive implant. In this method, a tube is inserted under the skin in the upper arm and this tube blocks the release of eggs from the ovary by releasing hormones."

How did Stephanie lose almost 90 kg in 18 months?

In 2020, Stephanie first underwent bariatric surgery at Benenden Hospital in Kent on the advice of her family, and she shed about 3 kg in a month. Then she changed her diet plan and now her weight is around 82 kg, which led to an improvement in her BMI from 56 to 27. Stephanie had said during the interview, "Now my appetite has reduced a lot. I eat food in small portions. Green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and fresh food are included in the diet. I walk about 25 thousand steps daily. Today I feel very energetic and my confidence has increased a lot. I can wear whatever clothes I like and I feel that my life has completely changed. "

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