AI models set goals for pool parties in sizzling bikinis this summer

AI models show how to set fashion goals while enjoying at pool party.

  • Riya Sharma
  • |
  • May 23, 2024, 12:54 PM IST

As the summer arrives to make you sweat, and switch on your ACs to beat the heat, the first thought that comes to mind is organising a fun pool party with your friends. Here are the AI models setting goals for a perfect pool party in a bikini. 

1. Enjoy a swim in pool

Enjoy a swim in pool

As the weather makes us sweat with the scorching heat, these AI models are here to set goals for a fun pool party wearing sizzling bikinis. Taking a dive in the cool swimming pool in the party is the best option to beat the heat. 

2. Eating your favourite food

Eating your favourite food

While beating the heat during the pool party in the swimming pool, AI model shows that it's important to eat your favorite food while enjoying the vibe.

3. Enjoy wine/cocktails at pool party

Enjoy wine/cocktails at pool party

The best way to enjoy a pool party is to have a glass of wine while dipping your legs in the swimming pool and grooving to the music in the background. 

4. Set fashion goals

Set fashion goals

While a bikini is the perfect, go-to outfit for a pool party, AI model shows how you can enjoy the pool party in traditional wear and still slay, stand out from others with your style. 

5. AI model vibing at pool party

AI model vibing at pool party

AI models show how to get the right pool party vibe, beat the heat this summer by setting fashion goals while enjoying your favourite food and drinks and grooving to your favorite music.