Meet Indore cop Shalini Chouhan, who posed as student to bust ragging case in MP medical college

Sharp lady cop Shalini Chouhan was quick to act on her feet during an undercover operation to solve a ragging case at MP medical college.

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While ragging is strictly banned and frowned upon in all educational institutes and universities across the country, it is not something that has been eradicated in a lot of places. To solve another such ragging case, a woman cop named Shalini Chouhan took matters into her own hands.

Shalini Chouhan, who is a woman cop in Indore, went undercover as a student to crack a ragging case that was reported from the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College in Madhya Pradesh. Through her quick wit, she was able to solve the ragging case.

Hell-bent on solving a six-month-old ragging case registered from the premises of the Madhya Pradesh medical college, cop Shalini Chouhan posed undercover as a student who had recently joined the college, and started hanging out in the canteen to investigate in secrecy.

Who is Shalini Chouhan?

Shalini Chouhan is at the constable post with the Madhya Pradesh police and is posted in Indore. She is 24 years old and is a college graduate in the commerce stream. Despite the change in subjects, she expertly posed as a medical student inside the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College.

Policewoman Shalini is relatively new to the force, and this was her first undercover operation. She was chosen for the job since her age made it easier for her to blend with the students. After spending three months as a medical student, Chouhan was able to uncover the ugly truth behind the ragging reports.

Shalini Chouhan used to go to the Indore college daily, “bunk” classes, and hang out in the canteen for hours, building her rapport with the senior medical students. She was soon able to identify 11 seniors who were involved in brutally ragging juniors, forcing them to perform vulgar and traumatizing acts.

Some students also doubted Shalini and questioned her on her background, but she never wavered and answered all the questions with ease to deflect suspicion. Because of her hard work and quick wit, she identified the accused that were immediately suspended from the medical college.

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