‘India not weak, can eliminate those who…’: Rajnath Singh’s bold statement, attack on INDIA bloc

Defence Ministry Rajnath Singh launched attacks at the INDIA alliance during his visit to poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, displaying the strength of the country.

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said if someone tries to carry out any nefarious act, India can eliminate them on this side of the border, and if necessary, on the other side as well.

Singh was addressing a rally on Saturday while campaigning for BJP candidate Lal Singh Arya at Khaneta village under Gohad assembly seat in Bhind district of poll-bound Madhya Pradesh.

"India's pride is soaring all over the world. During the Congress rule, people abroad would say India is a weak country. The world did not take our words very seriously but the situation has changed now, and if India says something on international forums, the world listens with open ears," the minister said.

Now, India is not a weak country. No power in the world can dare threaten India, he said.

"If someone tries to carry out any nefarious act, India can eliminate them on this side of the border, and if necessary, it can strike them on the other side of the border as well, " the defence minister said.

Singh said one person from every five families in Bhind district is in the Army, and he wanted to greet such families.

Lauding the works of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the defence minister said Madhya Pradesh was earlier a BIMARU (laggard) state.

"But people of the country are now saying if one has to see growth, one must go to Madhya Pradesh. It is the cleanest state in the country. The per capita income in MP was only Rs 11,718 in 2001-02 which is now increased 10 times to more than Rs 1.40 lakh in 2023," the BJP leader said, adding that the growth rate in Madhya Pradesh is higher than the average GDP of India.

Singh said Madhya Pradesh is the only state where the government gives Rs 6,000 per year from its treasury to farmers in addition to the same amount disbursed under the Pradhan Mantri Samman Nidhi.

Addressing another rally in Bhind, Singh said this election will also decide the direction of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

"The people of the country want to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister again," he said.

Singh alleged the sole objective of the opposition INDIA alliance is not to bring development but to oppose Narendra Modi.

He dubbed the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party as "birds who become active in Madhya Pradesh only before the polls and return to their nest after the elections".

"These parties have nothing to do with Madhya Pradesh in the remaining period," he said.

Polling for the 230 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh will be held on November 17.

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