LPG cylinder gets price hike, check latest city-wise prices of domestic and commercial cylinders here

Delhi's domestic LPG cylinder prices revised on March 1st.

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LPG Price Hike: As of March 1st, inflation has taken a major hit, with domestic LPG cylinder prices skyrocketing by Rs 50. The domestic LPG cylinder in Delhi now costs Rs. 1103, which is considered a significant blow before the upcoming Holi celebrations. The news agency ANI reported that the price of a 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 50, while the 19 kg commercial cylinder's price has gone up by Rs 350.50, with a new cost of Rs 2119.50 in Delhi.

These price increases came into effect immediately, causing concerns among citizens about the rising cost of living. The LPG cylinder price hike is likely to have an impact on the budget of households that rely on LPG for cooking.

The prices of domestic and commercial LPG cylinders have increased in all four metros. In Delhi, the cost of domestic LPG has risen from Rs 1053 to Rs 1103, while the cost of commercial LPG has increased from Rs 1769 to Rs 2119.50. Similarly, Mumbai has seen an increase in domestic and commercial LPG prices, with domestic LPG costing Rs 1102.50 per cylinder and commercial LPG costing Rs 2071.50 per cylinder.

Kolkata and Chennai have also witnessed a surge in LPG prices. In Kolkata, domestic LPG now costs Rs 1129, while commercial LPG costs Rs 2219.50. In Chennai, domestic LPG now costs Rs 118.50, while commercial LPG costs Rs 2267.50.

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