COVID-19 fourth wave scare: Government approves nasal vaccine, check eligibility, doses, registration and more

With today's announcement, the new nasal vaccine will also be included in the nationwide Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

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With today's announcement, the new nasal vaccine will also be included in the nationwide Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Concern about a possible fresh wave of the coronavirus pandemic led to the Indian government approving a nasal vaccination for Covid-19. Rather of being administered intravenously, this vaccine will be administered as a heterologous booster. Private medical facilities will be the first to provide the nasal vaccination. ANI cites government sources as stating that from today, the new vaccine will also be part of the nationwide Covid-19 immunisation campaign.

What is this vaccine?
Bharat Biotech's vaccination will be administered via the nose.  A nasal vaccination, the first of its kind. On September 6, the Indian government agency in charge of regulating pharmaceuticals authorised the usage for urgent situations. Only those above the age of eighteen will get this vaccination. Bharat Biotech and Washington University in the United States collaborated to develop this vaccine. In India, this vaccination will be administered as a booster shot.

How safe is this vaccine?
INCOVACC's efficacy was shown in three phase trials. The company has 175 phase I study participants and 200 phase II study participants. For phase 3 testing, two strategies were employed. The company feels the Corona immunisation trial was a success. This immunisation, according to the firm, has generated corona immunity in people's upper respiratory systems, lowering disease and spread.

How different are the other vaccines?
As of right now, all vaccinations given in India are intramuscular injections. They come in a liquid form and are injected into the arm. However, this is the nasal vaccination developed by Bharat Biotech. Nose-to-nasal delivery is planned. In other words, the injection won't be administered through the nasal passages. Instead, a little amount will be dropped directly into the nostril.

Vaccination via the nose is preferred over injection into the muscle. The vaccination provides protection against infection to the lungs when administered in the arm. The nasal vaccination is administered in two separate doses. Between the first and second dosages is a four-week interval. Each dosage consists of putting four drops of the medication in the nostril.

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Who can get this vaccine?
This vaccination, as was previously explained, would only be administered as a booster. As such, this vaccination will only be administered to persons who have already had two doses. The CoWIN site reveals that more than 95.10 crore individuals have received the vaccination twice. 

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