Birds and students co-exist in this UP school, principal aims to teach environmental conservation

The principal of Babupur Primary School said that birds are losing their space due to urbanisation. Hence they are trying environmental conservation.

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In a unique gesture, Babupur Primary School in Uttar Pradesh's Fatehpur is providing safe haven to birds in order to give a lesson to the school children on environment conservation and its benefits.

Sarvesh Awasthi, principal of the school, said, "Whatever experiences we have with the birds since childhood is gradually ebbing. Due to growing urbanisation the birds are losing their space."

He said, "After lockdown when the school opened, I saw that pigeons in a classroom had made a nest over the fan attached to the wall. Immediately, the connection of that fan was cut so that the pigeons were not harmed. It was then I decided to provide a safe habitat on a banyan tree which is located in the premises of the school to the birds." Thereafter, he procured soil from Chitrakoot to make `gharonda (makeshift house)` for the birds. He also arranges food for them.

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Because of his initiative, at present 40 sparrows, 25 parrots, one dozen crows and two cuckoos have started coming to the school. And now the premises is filled with the chirping of the birds.

Principal Awasthi not only made `gharondas` for the birds but he also played a key role in keeping the premises of the school neat and clean. He said that he joined the school in 2016 and since then has taken the responsibility of beautifying it too.

"This school is unique. It is rare to find such a government school where with regular teaching other such activities are also held. Taking a cue from the school, arrangements are made in the village also to set up nests for the birds," said one Ramprasad from Babupur.

Fatehpur`s Basic Education Officer Sanjay Kushwaha said, "All teachers of Babupur Primary School are very hard working. The idea of setting up nests for the birds in the premises of school in order to generate awareness among the children is a commendable effort."

Anil Tiwari, associate professor of botanical science in Ewing Christian College (ECC), said, "Birds play a very important role in the environment, they are the messengers of nature, and our moral responsibility is to save them."

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