Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor slaps comedian Sherry Nanha for 'honeymoon' joke on live TV show, video goes viral

Shazia Manzoor took offense to a joke made by the comedian Sherry Nanha, slapped him multiple times, and walked off the sets of the talk show Public Demand. Read on to know why she returned back to the sets.

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Shazia Manzoor slaps Sherry Nanha on live TV

Famous Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor appeared on the famous celebrity talk show Public Demand this week on the Pakistani news channel Public News. Things took a heated turn when she took offense to a joke made by the comedian Sherry Nanha and slapped him multiple times continuously.

Sherry, who frequently appears on the show, asked Shazia, "After we get married, Shazia, I will immediately take you to Monte Carlo for our honeymoon. Could you let me know which class you want to attend?". Shazia got furious and smacked him on his head. She then continuosly slapped him saying, "Last time I portrayed my act as a prank and covered it up, but this time, I am serious, Is this how you talk with the ladies? you are saying 'honeymoon'. This is how you talk to women?".

The show's host  Mohsin Abbas Haider tried to diffuse the situation as he asked Sherry to stick to the script and not make such jokes. But the singer walked off from the sets, promising to never return to the show. The video of this whole incident went viral on social media instantly. Many netizens wondered if the stunt was scripted with comments such as, "Scripted hoga (Must be scripted)" and "Scripted hai kya? (Is this scripted)".

Well, the guesses were correct as the whole stunt was planned and scripted by the show's team, as confirmed in the entire video of the episode shared on Public News YouTube channel. After the stunt was revealed as a prank to the audiences, Shazia came back to the show and said to the camera, "Isko bolte hain prank (This is called prank)." Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui, who famously participated in Comedy Circus on Indian TV, was seen throughout the video as he is also one of the regular comedians in Public Demand.

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