Assamese actress Aimee Baruah wins hearts as she represents her culture in saree with 200-year-old motif at Cannes

Assamese actress Aimee Baruah shares stunning pictures from her Cannes debut.

  • Riya Sharma
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  • May 24, 2024, 01:39 PM IST

Assamese actress Aimee Baruah's pics representing her culture at Cannes red carpet is going viral on social media. The actress is winning hearts for the choice of her outfit, which is a traditional Assamese saree with a 200-year-old motif. Here;s 

1. Aimee Baruah at Cannes

Aimee Baruah at Cannes

A well-known name in the Assamese film industry, Aimee Baruah, recently made a stunning debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The actress dropped some pictures from the red carpet leaving fans proud and gushing over her look. 

2. Aimee Baruah Cannes red carpet look

Aimee Baruah Cannes red carpet look

Aimee Baruah opted for a traditional Assamese saree for her debut at the Cannes Film Festival with the aim of representing her culture at the prestigious platform. The actress stunned in a beige saree which she paired with Gamkharu on her wrist and Asamese gamosa. 

3. Aimee Baruah Instagram post

Aimee Baruah Instagram post

Sharing the pics on Instagram and wrote, "While stepping onto the iconic red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for the third time, I did so once again while firmly embracing my identity and self-respect as a proud Assamese. Representing our heritage, I was thrilled to walk the ramp in a two-hundred-year-old motif depicted on my Muga filled with intricate traditional designs, Gamkharu on my wrist, Assamese gamosa, Riha, and Kopou Phul (foxtail orchids) in my hair bun. Special thanks to everyone for all your love & support." 

4. Netizens shower love on Aimee Baruah

Netizens shower love on Aimee Baruah

One of the comments read, "Queen she is." Another wrote, "I feel proud to be an Assamese. The way you carry us with yourself at Cannes is amazing." Another user wrote, "Thank You for representing Assam so beautifully." 

5. Aimee Baruah's second look at Cannes

Aimee Baruah's second look at Cannes

Even for her second appearance on the Cannes red carpet, Aimee Baruah opted for a black saree with a deep-neck blouse that had ruffled sleeves. The actress was seen greeting the paps with folded hands at the red carpet.