This film made Dharmendra star, was originally offered to Sunil Dutt, actor suffered near-death injury, movie earned...

Dharmendra is known as the He-Man of Bollywood, but which film established him as a star? Read on to learn about the breakthrough movie of Dharmendra.

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This film made Dharmendra star, was originally offered to Sunil Dutt, actor suffered near-death injury, movie earned...
Dharmendra in Phool Aur Patthar


Dharmendra is among the most successful actors in Bollywood. Arguably, he is also the first action hero of Hindi cinema. The veteran star is active in films for six decades and he has done over 300 films. Dharmendra also earned the title of the He-Man of Bollywood, and today we will discuss the film that actually established him as a star, and he got awarded with this title. 

Dharmendra started his career as a supporting lead in Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960). Later, he was seen in hits, including Bandini (1963), Aayi Milan Ki Bela (1964), and Haqeeqat (1964). Despite starring in successful films, Dharmendra didn't attain the stature of a star, until director OP Ralhan changed his fate. 

Dharmendra's breakthrough film was...

Phool Aur Patthar, the 1966 romantic drama established Dharmendra as a new-age star of Bollywood. Directed by OP Ralhan, Phool Aur Patthar went on to become a golden jubilee hit, the year's highest-grossing film and the super success of the film catapulted Dharmendra to stardom. Dharmendra's rugged physique and his impressive acting chops earned him the title of He-Man of Bollywood. Phool Aur Patthar also starred Meena Kumari, Shashikala, Lalita Pawar, Leela Chitnis, Madan Puri and Iftekhar. In the movie, Dharmendra takes off his shirt to cover the ailing Leela Chitnis and becomes one of the film's highlights. 

Who was the original choice for Phool Aur Patthar 

As per the media reports, Sunil Dutt was first considered for the role of Shakti Singh/Shaka. However, due to date issues, Sunil has to let go of the film, and that's how Dharmendra got a major milestone in his career

When Dharmendra almost walked out from Phool Aur Patthar 

If reports are to be believed, during the film shoot, Dharmendra had a show-down with the film's director O. P. Ralhan. The actor felt that the director had an arrogant attitude and he considered quitting the film mid-way. However, they sorted it out, and with better sense prevailed, he resumed shooting.

When Dharmendra escaped death during the shoot

Reportedly, during the scene where Dharmendra had to carry baby Farida down a staircase on fire, he almost escaped brutal injury. O.P. Ralhan saw the fire and felt it was not safe for Dharmendra to do the scene. He signalled for Dharmendra to wait, but he misunderstood and thought Ralhan wanted him to start the scene. Dharmendra completed the scene and suffered major burns. 

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