Rangoli Chandel claims Hrithik's sister Sunaina Roshan is unreachable, says 'God knows what they did to her'

Rangoli Chandel and Kangana Ranaut were expected to catch up with Sunaina Roshan on Thursday evening, however Roshan's phone now is switched off and unreachable

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Rangoli Chandel claims Hrithik's sister Sunaina Roshan is unreachable, says 'God knows what they did to her'


In a crazy turn of events, Sunaina Roshan's mobile phone is now switched off and out of reach, claims Rangoli Chandel. Rangoli, along with her sister Kangana Ranaut, were supposed to meet Sunaina Roshan on Thursday later in the day, however there has been no revert from Roshan's side.

While Rangoli Chandel had claimed time and again that Sunaina Roshan's family is dangerous and capable of harming her, Sunaina confirmed the same in an interview to Pinkvilla on Thursday. Hrithik Roshan's sister said she was 'living in hell' and her father beat her up for being in a relationship with a Muslim boy. The Muslim boy is a journalist from Delhi, who Rakesh Roshan considers a terrorist, claimed Sunaina in the interview.

In the same interview Sunaina had revealed that she would meet Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel to further discuss how she can get justice like Kangana. However Rangoli has tweeted that Sunaina's phone is off and unreachable. "Right now my biggest worry is that Sunaina’s phone is off and she is not reachable, God knows what they are did to her ... i am really scared for her ...," she wrote on Twitter.

Prior to that, Rangoli defended people questioning Sunaina for not going to the cops and rather giving an interview to a website. "Its very unfortunate whatever HR & Rakesh ji are facing because of Sunaina. You cant drag out your respected family reputation in public because of your pity pocket money & love issue. Communalizing the entire thing is also disgraceful. May better sense prevail @sunainaRoshan22", wrote trade analysts Sumit Kadel, adding, "Those who get beaten as claimed go to nearest police station & not pinkvilla."

Replying to the same, Rangoli said Sunaina was 'made to be dependent'. She wrote, "You are not being fair @SumitkadeI , she lives in their house, she was always made to be dependent on them now suddenly in her late fourties they have stopped to give her any expenses. She was married of at the age of 16 she doesn’t hold any degree or education. also going to cops isn’t easy Kangana dealt with them and these cops directly call Rakesh Roshan they have such strong connections. They’d put crime branch behind Kangana also woman comission refused to take her complain she was Rakesh’s friend, they torture her in that house. Please don’t judge her"

Read her tweets here:

While Sunaina had gone all out against her father Rakesh Roshan and brother Hrithik Roshan, the other members of Roshan family asked the sisters to stay away. Sunaina's cousin Eshaan Roshan, son of music-composer Rajesh Roshan, wrote, "Why are these sisters obsessed with this family ? My bade papa is undergoing a health crisis, Didi is vulnerable. It’s a very sensitive period for our family.I request these people to be sensitive and not act as vultures." Hrithik Roshan's wife Sussanne Khan stated that Sunaina is in an 'unfortunate situation'.

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