Priyanka Chopra says she had men who were insecure of her success: 'It's threatening to their territory...' | Exclusive

Priyanka Chopra talks about pay parity and how men can be insecure of women's success, something she has herself faced as well.

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Priyanka Chopra is one of the most successful and celebrated actresses that Hindi film industry has had. Over the last few years, PC has even established herself in the West, become a noted Hollywood star. Her leading role in Russo Brothers’ upcoming mega budget series Citadel is testament to this success. However, Priyanka’s path to this success has not been easy and smooth. In a recent interaction, the actress revealed how she has dealt with people who were insecure of her success.

Recently, in an interview in the US, Priyanka had revealed that Citadel marks the first time in her 22-year-long career in showbiz when she has pay parity with her male co-star. For the show, she is being paid the same amount as her co-star Richard Madden. During her visit to India, Priyanka spoke to us about pay parity and if men are still insecure about women earning as much as them or even more.

“Definitely, it (insecurity) still exists. Sorry to the men in the room, I have some incredible men in my life who are not insecure of my success. But I also met men in my life who are very insecure of my success. I think men have ejoyed the freedom and pride of being bread winners and leaders of the family. It’s threatening to their territory if a woman is more successful. Or if a man is staying at home and woman goes to work, he will feel bad,” said the actress.

Priyanka emphasised that the only way to change this attitude is to raise a better generation of men who are more aware and sensitive to women. “We have to teach our sons that there is no shame in crying. There is no shame in tears and in being able to share with your sister, mother, girlfriend or wife, and give them the spotlight,” she added.

Priyanka said that she has seen enough of these selfless secure men in her own life. She elaborated, “My dad did that with my mother when my mom was getting into private practice and she was still in military. My mom started earning more than my father but they saw that as a unit because ghar pe hi to aa raha hai (it’s all coming home). There was no ego. I have seen that in my house. Today, when I’m walking the red carpet with my husband and he steps aside to give me centre stage, I feel very proud that I have surrounded myself with people who don’t have those insecurities. We, as a society, need too raise those kind of men that don’t feel insecure about these things.”

Priyanka will be next seen in Citadel, a sci-fi spy thriller that also stars Richard Madden and Stanley Tucci. The first two episodes of the six-episode show will premiere on Prime Video on April 28.

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