India's most unsuccessful actor has 180 flops, no hit in 25 years, still a superstar; not Govinda, Akshay, Salman, Sunny

This actor, considered a superstar in Bollywood, has give 180 flops in his career, more than any other Indian actor

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India's most unsuccessful actor has 180 flops, no hit in 25 years, still a superstar; not Govinda, Akshay, Salman, Sunny
India's most unsuccessful actor


The 21st century is a different era in Indian cinema. For the first time in the history of Indian filmdom, the big stars have reduced their workload. They act in one or two films per year, some even less. This has meant fewer hits but also fewer flops for most superstars. It is a far cry from the last century when many actors worked in over a dozen films each year, some much more. This phenomenon has led to this superstar, who has as many as 180 flops, the most by any lead actor in India.

India’s most unsuccessful star is...

Mithun Chakraborty holds the dubious distinction of having led the most flops as an actor in Indian cinema. The star has worked in 270 films in a career that has spanned five decades. Of these, a record 180 have been flops (133 flops and 47 disasters). This figure is largely due to Mithun doing a heavy number of low-budget films in the 80s ad 90s. In the early 2000s, there was a phase when Mithun had 33 consecutive flops. Since 2007, the actor has been more selective in the projects he takes, which means his flop count has stagnated in the last decade or so.

Mithun Chakraborty

Why Mithun is still a big name despite 180 flops


One may ask why Mithun is so highly regarded despite two-thirds of his films being unsuccessful. The reason is what he has done with the films that have worked. Mithun won the National Award for Best Actor with his very first film Mrigayaa. He also gave the industry its first-ever Rs 100-crore hit in Disco Dancer. In the 80s, Mithun starred in a number of other hits, both solo and ensemble. All this, plus his dance moves, have elevated him to a superstar in Bollywood.

Other superstars with several flops

Mithun is so far ahead (or behind) other stars in the flop count that it is not even a contest. The next name on the list is Jeetendra with 106 flops, followed by Dharmendra with 99. Among modern stars, Govinda has starred in 75 flops, Sanjay Dutt in 70, Anil Kapoor in 55, Ajay Devgn in 48, Salman Khan in 36, Shah Rukh Khan in 24, and Aamir Khan in 17.

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