This 'haunted, cursed' bungalow 'ruined' three Bollywood superstars, all went bankrupt, lost stardom after living there

This Mumbai bungalow, called haunted and cursed, ruined the lives and careers of three Bollywood superstars of different generations.

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The iconic Aashirwad bungalow

Believers of vastu and feng shui say that the way a house is built plays a very important role in determining one’s fortune. While those from the rational school of thought dismiss these notions as superstitions, many still believe in it. In fact, the tale of one Mumbai bungalow, which reportedly ‘ruined’ three Bollywood superstars, is cited as ‘evidence’ of the existence of such concepts.

The bungalow that ruined three Bollywood superstars

Nestled in Mumbai’s plush Carter Road were two bungalows owned by Bollywood royalty since the 50s. The first was Aashiyana, which housed legendary composer Naushad. This, however, is the story of the second – which came to be known as Aashirwad. The bungalow was originally owned by an Anglo-Indian family and its original name is lost now. In the early 1950s, the reigning box office king Bharat Bhushan bought this house. With hits like Baiju Bawra, Mirza Ghalib, Gateway of India, and Barsaat Ki Raat, he was the toast of Bombay film industry. But by the 60s, Bharat Bhushan’s star began to dim. His films flopped and the superstar acquired great debt, following which he had to sell the house. This was the time when stories of the bungalow being cursed first emerged. But the house wasn’t done yet. Two other stars – Rajendra Kumar and Rajesh Khanna – met the same fate here.

How the bungalow became Dimple

Given the bungalow’s dilapidated state in the early 60s, rising star Rajendra Kumar was able to buy it for just Rs 60,000. He named the bungalow Dimple after his daughter. Hit after hit followed for Rajendra Kumar as he lived in Dimple and he came to be known as Jubilee Kumar. But around 1968, fates turned and Kumar’s films began failing. His production venture also bombed and he was in dire financial strife. He was forced to sell the bungalow to recover his losses.

Rajesh Khanna’s iconic Aashirwad bungalow

The house then went to the new superstar Rajesh Khanna. Not even 30 yet, the actor was the number one actor in the country. He renamed the bungalow Aashirwad. The house became a tourist attraction in Mumbai, just like Amitabh’s Jalsa and Shah Rukh’s Mannat would years later. But by 1974, Rajesh Khanna’s films began failing. He lost his superstar tag and soon his fame as well. His marriage fell apart and towards the end of his career, Rajesh Khanna reportedly lived alone in the bungalow.

In 2014, the bungalow was sold to an industrialist for a sum of Rs 90 crore. In February 2016, the new owner demolished the iconic bungalow to build a new property in its place. With this, the house that had been home to three Bollywood stars, ended its journey.

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