Amid Covid infection, Amitabh Bachchan talks about 'wiping floors, cleaning bathroom' in quarantine

Amitabh Bachchan shared his view about managing daily chores in quarantine, and also acknowledged the contribution of his staff.

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Amitabh Bachchan is battling Covid for the second time, and the infection has made him stronger, wiser, and braver than before. While in quarantine, Bachchan realised the importance of being self-dependent. The Bhootnath star penned down his views on his blog, and he shared that nowadays he's setting his own bed, cleaning his toilets, and doing every other chore by himself. 

Mr Bachchan shared his perception in a length, and said, “… and nowhere is this more prominent and in execution than the times of ‘isolation’ for the dread of the ViD 19, or to be more precise, its prevailing variant …suddenly the exercise of making your own bed, cleaning your bath and toilet, wiping the floor, switching on the required plugs and switches, making your own snack and drink (tea and the coffee), folding and setting up the cupboard with your clothing, responding personally to calls and mobile responses, drafting your own letters .. and submitting yourself to the medication prescription by the doctors without the assist of a nursing staff .. ALL .. is what life in these times is made of.”

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The veteran actor further added that he is certainly enjoying and learning from this phase as well. He also felt gratified for his staff and acknowledged their contribution to his life. "And it is the most enjoyable and satisfying experience of them all … The diminishing on the reliance of your staff .. and more importantly the realisation, as I have submitted many times before, what your staff go through during an entire day .. gaining thereby the respect that should be theirs.” 

For the unversed, on Tuesday, Amitabh shared the news of being Covid positive through his social media. The actor dropped a health update on his blog, and wrote, "... to them that have sent me their concern and prayers .. their love .. and the immense heart filled grace for my recovery, I give my folded hands in grateful acknowledgement will ever be touched by gratitude .. your benevolence shall ever remain within me and your dedicated care, a never ending river of love..." Bachchan continued,. "I have no intent of giving health bulletins... but yes I shall and I should keep you updated."

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