Watch: Two future Canadian Prime Ministerial candidates engage in dance off

NDP chief Jagmeet Singh and current Innovation Minister of Canada, Navneet Bains, had a Bhangra dance-off

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Dance-offs have been used to settle many important arguments. Kevin Bacon led the way in Footloose that later became an inspiration for the Guardians of the Galaxy to save the Universe from the wrath of Ronan and the impact of the Power stone. (Marvel Cinematic Universe fan would know this).

But two politicians in Canada showed that the dance-offs may find their place in election process if we all agreed to do so.

Jagmeet Singh, the chief of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and Navdeep Bains, the current Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development of Canda are considered to be the aspirants for the post of Prime Minister.

For Jagmeet that opportunity might come in 2019, but Bains might have to wait based on how the current Canadian PM Justin Trudeau does in the upcoming elections.

But that didn't stop Bains from accepting the bhangra dance-off challenge from Singh at a fundraising event organised by Seva Food Bank – a service run by Sikhs to ensure food security.

While Singh showed off traditional way of Bhangra, Bains mixed it up with the old school hip-hop move called the running man.

This isn't the first time Candian politicians decided to show off that they got moves. Most recently Trudeau on his visit to India broke into impromptu Bhangra at the Canadian embassy in Delhi.

The jury is still out on who won the dance off. Tell us in the comments who would you pick.

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