Trump calls ObamaCare 'dead', says new healthcare on its way

Dems want billions to go to Insurance Companies to bail out donors. . . . New healthcare plan is on its way.

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Continuing his vociferous campaign for the GOP healthcare plan, United States President Donald Trump took another potshot at ObamaCare, calling it "dead", while also saying that a new healthcare plan was on its way.

?You can't compare anything to ObamaCare because ObamaCare is dead. Dems want billions to go to Insurance Companies to bail out donors....New healthcare plan is on its way. Will have much lower premiums & deductibles while at the same time taking care of pre-existing conditions!? Trump said in a series of tweets.

Trump has vowed to repeal and replace ObamaCare since the inception of his presidential campaign.

Earlier, Trump had assured that his plan will lead to cheaper premiums and "real healthcare".

?If our healthcare plan is approved, you will see real healthcare and premiums will start tumbling down. ObamaCare is in a death spiral!? Trump said in a tweet.

Asserting that ObamaCare was in serious trouble, Trump had earlier said that the healthcare programme would die if it didn't receive funds to keep it going.

"ObamaCare is in serious trouble. The Dems need big money to keep it going - otherwise it dies far sooner than anyone would have thought," Trump tweeted.


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