Prince William talks about importance of family time

The issue was raised by a youngster who approached him for help on getting away early from school on Fridays.

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Prince William has shared his view on how important family time is, after a youngster approached him for help on getting away early from school on Fridays.

William, 27, gently informed Lana, a year six at Newnham Croft Primary School in Cambridgeshire, who had raised the issue, that he cannot intervene with school rules to help her.

But he also added that her thoughts on family time are very valuable.

"Although Prince William can see your point of view, and can appreciate the important points you make, unfortunately he has no authority to make these changes in your school, or any other school, and I think this would be a matter for your teachers and head teacher to discuss together, and with the parents," the Telegraph quoted one of the prince's aides as telling her.

"Prince William noted, in particular, your thoughts that time spent with one's family in order to talk about anything that scares or worries you is indeed an incredibly valuable use of time. Even if the hours are not made shorter at your school on Fridays, it is always worth making special 'family time' to discuss anything, good or bad, with those closest to you and who love you dearly."

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