Omicron more contagious, 70 times more infectious than Delta, research says

Research says, the transmissibility of Omicron is high due to the protein spike in the human body and has become adaptable over almost two years

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With no surprise, Omicron, COVID-19's new variant has taken over most countries within a span of three weeks and as per researchers and scientists, it will only gain its momentum in the coming weeks. 

According to reports, the variant does spread faster but does not increase severity but many are debating that it should be observed for more weeks before the final conclusion. Maria Van Kherkhove, Technical Lead at the WHO said, "There are some studies that are underway that are looking at comparisons of Omicron versus Delta." 

She further added, "There are some early studies from the UK that have looked at secondary transmission. Looking at higher secondary transmission as compared to Delta but again it’s still early."

The Executive Director of WHO’s health emergencies programme, Dr Mike Ryan said that the transmissibility of Omicron is high due to the protein spike in the human body. The virus being around for almost two years has made it more adaptable to the human body. 

Dr Ryan further added, "The Omicron variant has a change in its genetic sequence that has changed the shape and the ability of the spike protein to enter human cells and that’s probably giving it its transmission advantage. We don’t know fully yet."

As per a study at the University of Hong Kong, Omicron is up to 70 times more transmissible than the Delta variant. The reason is that it multiplies faster in the human lungs. 

According to reports regarding recent Omciron cases, research centres suggest that as of now the healthcare system of the country will not face any pressure due to Omicron since it is not as severe as the Delta variant. 

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