Glasgow airport attackers were 'resigned to death'

Describing the moment they thwarted two suicide bombers including a suspected Indian engineer, 2 police officers have said the men were "resigned to death".

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LONDON: Describing the moment they thwarted two suicide bombers, including a suspected Indian engineer, intent on bringing death and destruction to Glasgow airport, two police officers have said the men were "resigned to death".

Police Constable Stewart Ferguson was off duty at the airport last Saturday and talking to Sergeant Torquil Campbell when they saw a blazing Jeep wedged into the fro of the building.

One of the occupants, believed to be the passenger -- Bilal Abdulla, attacked Campbell. The officer said he was trying to keep him away from the burning vehicle.

As Campbell fought with him, Ferguson grabbed a fire extinguisher and hosed down the second man, suspected to be an Indian, Kafeel Ahmed. Ahmed is in a critical condition in hospital.

Ferguson, a 40-year-old father of two, told Sky News: "I remember his injuries, and to me they were the most horrific injuries I had seen on a living person. In my opinion he was resigned to death."
Campbell, 49, said: "They were just waiting for death. The fact that they were still alive perplexed them a little bit and they didn't know what to do.

"It struck me when the second male came towards me on fire that this was something different, something out of the ordinary, and that this was indeed a terrorist attack. It was hard to comprehend but I just had to accept the fact that terrorism had arrived at Glasgow airport."
Campbell, also father of two, who has almost 30 years' service, said that as he grappled with the first man, he saw the second appear out of the flames, on fire.

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