DNA Verified: Did Imran Khan request ‘not to be stripped, raped’ in jail? Truth behind viral agreement

An agreement going viral on social media claims that Imran Khan requested that he will not be stripped or raped inside prison after his arrest regarding the Al Qadir Trust case.

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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was recently imprisoned in the country over the fraud case regarding the Al Qadir Trust. Just a few days after his arrest, the move was termed illegal and he was released from jail subsequently.

However, an ‘agreement’ has been going viral on social media claiming that Imran Khan had made certain requests regarding his arrest and his time in jail, which has sparked waves in the Pakistani political arena.

An agreement between former Pakistan PM Imran Khan and the Pakistani government surfaced on social media, which reportedly shows three outrageous conditions put forward by the PTI chief himself during his time in jail.

The agreement, which has been signed on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf letterhead, shows that Imran Khan requested that he will not be stripped inside jail, he will not be raped and he will not be penetrated during any sort of torture which might occur inside jail.

There were three conditions under which Imran Khan should be kept in jail, according to the agreement –

  • Imran Khan will not be forced to be naked during the interrogation inside jail.
  • The PTI chief will not be raped while inside jail as he is a patient of the medical condition ‘Piles’.
  • Imran Khan will not be tortured using any kind of sticks or bamboo while inside jail.



Fact Check: Is the Imran Khan jail notice real?

While the agreement between Imran Khan and the Pakistani government was going viral on social media, it must be noted that it is not real, and is a manipulated image that is being circulated across social media.

The Pakistani news outlet Geo News took to social media to disrupt the rumours, and termed the viral notice as fake.

On its social media, Geo News Fact Check team wrote, “A letter circulating online claims that an agreement was signed between PTI chairman Imran Khan, the interior secretary Yousuf Khokhar and the U.S. ambassador Donald Blome, where the ambassador offers Khan certain sureties in case of arrest. The letter is fabricated.”

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