DNA TV Show: Amid Israel-Palestine war, know all about Sayeret Matkal, Israel's special force

After 6 days of war with Hamas, Israel has decided to launch its special force 'Sayeret Matkal'. Know all about Israel's special force.

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Israel has a history that it never leaves its enemies. No matter where the enemy hides on the ground, in the sky, or in the underworld, Israel will find them. Israel is smaller in size than the Indian state of Kerala, but it has always been strict towards its enemies. All its neighbouring countries are Muslim countries. Most of them are staunch enemies of Israel, who are waiting to attack it.

But despite this, if you look at the history of Israel, you will know that this country has neither been afraid nor has ever retreated Israel's history has been that it kills its enemies selectively. Its agencies keep an eye on every movement of the enemy sitting thousands of kilometres away and pounce on the enemy as soon as they get the opportunity.

On October 7, the Palestine-backed terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel. Since then, the Israeli army has been carrying out heavy bombing in Gaza. More than a thousand terrorists of Hamas have been killed. Israel is now taking the same action in Gaza. Hamas has said that if Israel does not stop the bombing, it will kill the hostages but after the threat of Hamas, now Israel is going to launch its Special Force Sayeret Matkal to rescue the hostages.

What is Sayeret Matkal?

Israel's Sayeret Matkal is considered the most dangerous special force in the world. The dangerous commandos of Sayeret Matkal have carried out many such operations, due to which the world recognizes the strength of this Israeli force. 

Sayret Matkal is counted among the most dangerous special forces in the world. The aim of every commando included in this force is accurate which means that as soon as the enemy is seen, his death is guaranteed.

The activities of this Israeli special force have been very secret. Only the top leaders of Israel and the top commander of this force are aware of where, when and how this special force will carry out the operation.


History of Sayeret Matkal

  1. Sayeret Matkal was formed in Israel in the year 1957.
  2. The purpose of making it is to carry out intelligence and counter-terrorism outside Israel.
  3. Sayaret Matkal is also entrusted with the work of anti-terrorism and freeing hostages.
  4. Israel has created this force on the lines of Britain's Special Air Service.
  5. Israel's Sayeret Matkal has so far carried out 22 major operations in the country and abroad since its formation.
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