4 Indian students win Singapore version of Tata Crucible Quiz

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4 Indian students win Singapore version of Tata Crucible Quiz


Four Indian students representing two teams have won the eighth edition of the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz competition held here.

Rohan Naidu from Hyderbad and Shivam Bhardwaj from Patna, comprising the first team, won the first price of SGD 7,000 for National University of Singapore (NUS) yesterday.

Karan Prasad from Bangalore and Sainyam Gautam of Delhi, representing the second team from NUS, took the second prize of SGD 3,000 in the final round of the quiz.

More than 500 students attended the quiz final which saw eight teams from Singapore universities competing.

The two teams will participate in the international final quiz to be held in India, competing with university teams from India and the United Kingdom.

Singapore's Senior Minister of State in the Law and Education Ministries Indranee Rajah, the chief guest at the event, noted that the quiz was one of the many ways Tata reaches out to the community, in particular the youths.

"From the time that Tata Group was established in Singapore in early 1970s, they have stuck to their values, made efforts to engage the community even as they have expanded their business footprint here," Rajah said.

She said in addition to the quiz there was also the Tata International Internship programme which since 2007 has provided a platform for Singapore youths to gain deeper understanding of India.

The quiz was conducted by Giri 'Pickbrain' Balasubramanium, the founder and chief executive officer of Greycaps India Pvt Ltd, India's third largest on stage quizzing and knowledge service provider.

"We are moving into knowledge economy and today's youngsters clearly understand that knowledge prowess is the game changer for their career," Balasubramaniam said.

"I think the young world understand the power of knowledge. The students also understand knowledge led creation can be massive," he said.

Quizzing is a sport that brings out the best knowledge out of the students. Global innovators such as Bill Gate have proved that innovation come from knowledge and that create capital wealth, he added.

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