Viral video: YouTuber travels with Apple Vision Pro on Delhi metro, internet reacts

Notably, YouTuber TechBurner, aka Shlok Srivastava, garnered attention by donning the Apple Vision Pro during a journey through the Delhi Metro, sparking humorous reactions from fellow passengers.

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Apple unveiled its latest technological marvel earlier this month with the release of the Apple Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset promising users an unparalleled immersive experience seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. Since its debut, social media platforms have been abuzz with firsthand accounts and viral videos showcasing the headset's capabilities.

One such notable incident involves popular YouTuber TechBurner, also known as Shlok Srivastava, who recently took a unique journey through the bustling Delhi Metro while donning the Apple Vision Pro. In a video shared online, Shlok can be seen navigating the metro's crowded compartments, drawing curious glances from fellow commuters intrigued by his futuristic eyewear.

The footage captures various reactions from passengers, ranging from bemusement to amusement, as they attempt to decipher the purpose behind Shlok's high-tech accessory. Some onlookers couldn't help but share a chuckle at the sight, while others expressed genuine curiosity about the innovative gadget.

Netizens swiftly reacted to the viral video, with one individual humorously quipping, "Eye doctors better brace themselves for the future." Another cautioned against attempting a similar feat in the notoriously bumpy streets of Mumbai, humorously referencing the city's notorious potholes.

Meanwhile, a third commenter playfully dubbed Shlok and his fellow Apple Vision Pro users as "vision pro zombies," humorously implying a futuristic takeover of the streets of Delhi. The rapid spread of the video online prompted another observer to humorously remark, "This virus is spreading fast,"

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