Viral video: Woman tries to cook omelette on road, internet is not happy

A viral video shows a woman attempting to cook an omelette on scorching asphalt, sparking online backlash over safety risks and the pursuit of social media validation

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Viral video: Woman tries to cook omelette on road, internet is not happy


India is currently grappling with a severe heatwave, as April 2024 marked record-breaking temperatures across the country. Experts are pointing to climate change as the root cause of this extreme weather event, with the eastern and northeastern regions bearing the brunt of the uneven warming.


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The scorching temperatures have brought about a host of health concerns, including fatigue, dehydration, and heatstroke, prompting authorities to issue warnings and advisories to the public. However, amid these serious concerns, a recent video has surfaced online, offering a mix of humor and a sobering reality check.

The viral clip depicts a woman's unconventional attempt to cook an omelette on asphalt. Clad in a striking red gown and headwear, she is seen squatting by the roadside, meticulously cleaning a section of the asphalt with water before using her head covering to dry it. Mimicking the process of seasoning a pan, she pours oil and spreads it with her hands before cracking two eggs directly onto the scorching hot surface. Using a ladle, she deftly spreads the eggs for cooking.

While the video leaves the final outcome to the imagination, it has garnered significant online attention, amassing over 8 million views. However, the reaction from internet users has been largely negative.

Accompanied by a caption condemning the pursuit of online validation at any cost, the video has sparked widespread discussion on social media platforms.

"This reckless behavior endangers not only the individuals involved but also others on the road, all for a momentary thrill of social media fame," remarked one user.

"Such actions pose a serious risk to road safety, as unsuspecting drivers could easily encounter hazards created by such activities. This foolish behavior must cease immediately," echoed another concerned commenter.

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