Viral video: Woman's attempt to befriend elephant ends in terrifying attack, watch

A viral video on social media captures a woman's attempt to befriend an elephant, resulting in a sudden and aggressive shove from the massive creature.

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In a recent incident capturing the unpredictable nature of elephants, a video has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), showcasing a startling encounter between a woman and a seemingly irritated elephant. While elephants are often regarded as gentle giants, instances of their intimidating behavior have surfaced on social media platforms in the past.

The video, posted by a user under the handle "Non-aesthetic things," depicts a woman attempting to befriend an elephant while it indulges in its meal. As the woman approaches the massive creature, seemingly engrossed in its food, the situation takes a drastic turn. In a sudden burst of aggression, the elephant forcefully shoves the woman, sending her airborne in a shocking display of its power.

The caption accompanying the video reads, "Girl tries to make friends with an elephant and finds out."

The footage has triggered a wave of reactions and discussions across the internet. Commenting on the video, one user expressed relief, stating, "Fortunate that the juvenile scared her away before that adult charged her." Others emphasized the importance of respecting wild animals, with one user advising, "Leave wild animals alone."

Providing insights into the behavior of elephants, another user cautioned, "Never go close to the elephant when the tail is wagging. It feels threatened."

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