Viral video: Woman gracefully grooves to Aditi Rao Hydari’s Saiyaan Hatto Jaao from Heeramandi, watch

Yoshetaa Jogi Singh's enchanting classical dance rendition of Aditi Rao Hydari's "Saiyaan Hatto Jaao" from Heeramandi has taken social media by storm.

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Viral video: Woman gracefully grooves to Aditi Rao Hydari’s Saiyaan Hatto Jaao from Heeramandi, watch


In the realm of social media, trends come and go, but some leave an indelible mark. Aditi Rao Hydari's soulful rendition "Saiyaan Hatto Jaao" from the acclaimed series Heeramandi has emerged as a beloved favorite among fans, sparking a wave of creativity among dancers worldwide. Adding her own unique flair to this trend is Yoshetaa Jogi Singh, whose recent classical dance performance has captivated audiences far and wide.

Dressed resplendently in a striking pink and neon green traditional ensemble, Yoshetaa's choreography masterfully intertwines with the essence of the song, showcasing her impeccable technique and emotive prowess throughout the performance.

Taking to Instagram, Yoshetaa shared her rendition of the song, accompanied by a simple caption featuring the song's title and a medley of expressive emojis. Little did she know, her video would quickly catch fire, igniting a whirlwind of admiration and applause from viewers.

Since its upload a few days ago, Yoshetaa's video has garnered an impressive 450,000 views and counting, with nearly 24,000 likes pouring in from across the globe. Comments flooded in, each one a testament to the impact of her mesmerizing performance.

"Graceful as ever," remarked one Instagram user, encapsulating the sentiment shared by many.

Another chimed in, "It is always a treat to watch you dance," echoing the sentiments of countless others who found themselves entranced by Yoshetaa's artistry.

Praising her adept fusion of classical dance with the soul-stirring melody, a third commenter noted, "Awesome, you have used this classical music rightly," while another simply remarked, "So graceful."

Amidst the sea of admiration, one user eagerly anticipated more, writing, "You are simply amazing and so graceful! Waiting eagerly for the workshop."

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