Viral video: Woman claims putting urine as remedy for eye issues, internet reacts

Spanish TikTok user Suma Frale stirred controversy by advocating for the use of urine as eye drops to treat eye problems, claiming it cured her myopia and poor eyesight.

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In the realm of social media where tips and tricks abound, some advice raises eyebrows and concerns. Recently, Suma Frale, a Spanish TikTok user self-described as an "assistant metaphysical counselor," ignited controversy with her unconventional claim: urine is superior to conventional medication for treating eye problems.

Frale boldly asserted that applying urine as eye drops worked wonders, allegedly curing her myopia and poor eyesight. According to her, she diligently administered urine drops daily until her eyesight remarkably improved.

Her assertion delves into the realm of urine therapy, an alternative medicine practice popularized by British naturopath John W. Armstrong in the early 20th century. Advocates tout the use of human urine for various medicinal and cosmetic purposes, including skin massage, gum treatment, and even ingestion. However, Frale's endorsement takes this practice to a new level.

In a widely circulated TikTok video, Frale passionately explains the purported benefits of urine drops over traditional medicines. She details her personal experience, claiming that regular application of urine in her eyes eradicated her astigmatism and myopia. Dismissing conventional medications as harmful chemicals, she advocates for the natural remedy of urine.

Frale prescribes a regimen of morning and evening urine drops for optimal effectiveness. However, her video faced a barrage of criticism from online spectators. One commenter expressed incredulity, stating, "Promoting urine therapy is one thing, but advocating its use in the eyes is highly questionable." Another commenter echoed the sentiment, labeling the practice as risky and nonsensical.

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