Viral video: UK man prepares Tamil Nadu's popular dish Poriyal, internet loves it

Renowned British chef Jake Dryan delights food enthusiasts worldwide with his authentic rendition of South Indian dish, Green Bean Poriyal.

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In a heartwarming display of cultural fusion, renowned British chef Jake Dryan has captivated the global food community, especially those with a penchant for Indian cuisine. Through a captivating video shared on Instagram, Dryan unveiled his take on a traditional South Indian delicacy, Green Bean Poriyal.


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The video opens with Dryan extending a warm "vanakkam" to his audience, setting the tone for an immersive culinary journey. With deft hands, he meticulously incorporates a medley of ingredients synonymous with South Indian cooking, including fragrant curry leaves, piquant mustard seeds, and dal, essential for tempering the dish. However, it's Dryan's inclusion of grated coconut towards the finale that elevates the dish, infusing it with the distinct flavors and textures emblematic of South Indian cuisine.

Explaining the origins of the dish, Dryan educates his viewers that Poriyal, a Tamil term, signifies a fried or sautéed vegetable preparation, widely cherished in Tamil Nadu and akin to Kerala's Thoran.

Dryan's rendition of Green Bean Poriyal has not only dazzled his extensive fan base but has also garnered praise from natives of Tamil Nadu, who laud the authenticity of its flavors.

With over 1.8 million views, Dryan's culinary venture not only showcases his culinary prowess but also underscores his profound respect for genuine Indian cuisine, earning him accolades across borders.

As the video continues to make rounds on social media platforms, the question lingers: Will you embark on this culinary adventure and try Dryan's rendition of Green Bean Poriyal?

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