Viral video: Pakistani man tries to get close with tiger and this happens next

Nouman Hassan, a content creator from Pakistan, has sparked both admiration and criticism for his viral videos featuring his pet tigers.

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Viral video: Pakistani man tries to get close with tiger and this happens next


In the ever-evolving world of content creation, individuals are constantly pushing the boundaries to capture attention and gain widespread popularity. Nouman Hassan, a Pakistani native, has found his own path to fame by showcasing his pet tigers in videos. While many content creators focus on singing, dancing, or other talents, Hassan's approach has drawn both admiration and criticism due to the inherent risks involved.

Despite facing backlash, Hassan persists in sharing photos and videos featuring his majestic yet inherently dangerous pet tigers. His latest video, in which he is seen getting extremely close to a massive tiger in an enclosed room, has ignited controversy on the internet. Although the tiger appeared aggressive, fortunately, no serious incidents occurred.

The video quickly went viral, prompting social media users to express concerns about what they perceive as a lack of caution and potential animal cruelty. Comments flooded in from netizens, reflecting a range of reactions.

"This is ridiculous," remarked one user.

"This is the most idiotic act of human intelligence," another opined.

"There is no shortage of idiots in this world," lamented a third.

"Why is it even needed?" questioned a fourth.

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