Viral video: Man pokes elephant with a stick and then this happens next...

A viral video of a man poking an elephant with a stick has sparked outrage on social media, with forest officials and online users condemning the reckless behavior.

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In the midst of continuous warnings from forest service officials and authorities regarding the importance of maintaining a safe distance from wildlife, a disturbing video has surfaced on the internet, showcasing individuals blatantly disregarding these guidelines and putting their lives in jeopardy.

The viral video, originally shared in 2022 by Twitter user Kaushik Barua, resurfaced when Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Surendra Mehra re-posted it on social media platform X. The footage captures a man provocatively poking an elephant with a stick, an act that has since ignited fury among online users.

Barua, in his original tweet, remarked, "When humans lose fear of wildlife and wildlife lose fear of humans, it's not coexistence but a recipe for disaster," revealing that the incident occurred in Assam.

Mehra, expressing his dismay, commented on the video by stating, "Just madness. What makes it possible for someone to think in that way? Such provocations definitely lead to Man-Animal conflict."

The short yet terrifying video portrays two men standing in front of a herd of elephants, with one of them approaching an elephant and poking it with a stick. The footage concludes with the provoked elephant charging at the men, who hastily flee the scene.

The online community reacted strongly to the video, condemning the reckless behavior. One user on platform X wrote, "True, it should be avoided," while another insisted, "Strict action required." A third user humorously remarked, "And then it is called man-animal conflict. It is stupid-animal conflict actually." Yet another user expressed concern, stating, "Really shocking behavior. There is a life risk. The way the youth is attacking the Jumbo, he is inviting retaliation which would be fatal."

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