Viral video: Man inks girlfriend's name inside lower lip, internet reacts

A man's unconventional display of love has gone viral as he tattoos his girlfriend's name on his lower lip, showcased in a video shared by tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal on Instagram.

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In a world where grand gestures of love are not uncommon, a recent incident has taken the internet by storm, leaving users in disbelief. A man's extraordinary declaration of love has caught the attention of netizens after he opted to tattoo his girlfriend's name on his lower lip.

The viral video, initially shared on Instagram by tattoo artist Abhishek Sapkal in December of last year, has since gained widespread attention. The footage showcases the tattoo artist meticulously etching the name 'Amruta' onto the man's lower lip, capturing the entire process from start to finish. The accompanying caption on the post simply reads, "Love."

The video has sparked a wave of humorous reactions across the internet, accumulating an impressive 9 million views and a multitude of comments. Many users couldn't help but label the man as "crazy," while others took a more light-hearted approach to poke fun at the unusual situation.

One user, offering a witty perspective, commented, "Even if he breaks up! His wife can't find this. Clever move."

Another user took a playful jab, suggesting, "Don't waste money, firstly clean your teeth."

Injecting a touch of humor, a third user joked, "Just one of the anniversary gift ideas I am recommending as a friend."

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