Viral video: Man fearlessly grabs and extracts venom from massive king cobra, internet is shocked

Controversy erupts over a viral video showing a man fearlessly handling a massive king cobra barehanded to extract its venom.

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In the world of social media, a viral video posted by Instagram user @nickthewrangler has sparked intense debate and divided opinions on the age-old subject of snakes. With over 752,000 likes and a plethora of comments, the video showcases a daring act that challenges the fears of those who prefer to keep a safe distance from these slithering creatures.

In the footage, the man fearlessly grabs a massive king cobra with his bare hands, proceeding to extract its venom into a glass bottle – all without the aid of any protective gear. The act, which some view as an unnecessary stunt, has ignited controversy surrounding the well-being of the snake and the handler's methods.

Comments on the video ranged from questioning the sanity of the snake handler to admiring his bravery and apparent lack of fear. Viewers were left astounded by the unusual spectacle, with reactions pouring in from all corners of the internet.

One concerned user voiced worry about the cobra's welfare, asking, "Does that hurt the cobra with the way you're grabbing it?" This question echoes the sentiments of those who question the ethics and potential harm inflicted upon the snake during the daring handling.

Taking it a step further, another commenter expressed a more extreme concern, stating, "I think you are choking him." Such comments reflect the varying opinions on whether the video showcases a fearless act of bravery or crosses the line into potential harm for the reptile.

As the video continues to circulate and accumulate views, the online community remains divided on the ethics and safety of such interactions with dangerous reptiles.

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