Viral video: Elephant stops trucks to steal sugarcane, internet reacts

A heartwarming video shared on Twitter captures the intelligent behavior of an elephant as it strategically stops trucks to indulge in stolen sugarcane.

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In a heartwarming display of intelligence and patience, a captivating video featuring an elephant strategically stopping trucks to indulge in stolen sugarcane has recently resurfaced on Twitter. Shared by user @Gabriele_Corno, the footage showcases the gentle giant's remarkable behavior.

The video commences with an elephant peacefully standing at the roadside. As trucks laden with sugarcane approach, the elephant, displaying a keen understanding, moves forward and trumpets to bring the vehicles to a halt. Once the trucks stop, the clever creature skillfully grabs a few pieces of sugarcane, all the while maintaining a composed demeanor. Interestingly, the video captures the elephant repeating this behavior with other sugarcane-laden trucks, showcasing a routine that is as amusing as it is intelligent.

What truly stands out is the elephant's considerate approach; it never once disrupts the flow of traffic for other vehicles, patiently waiting for the specifically loaded trucks. The video quickly gained traction on the internet, with numerous netizens expressing their admiration for the adorable and clever antics of the gentle giant.

Twitter users flooded the comments section with their reactions, one user praising the elephant's honesty, saying, "Badaa imaandaar collector hai." Others couldn't help but express their affection, with comments like "So cute" and "Wow! That's smart!!" A third user marveled at the cooperation of the people involved, stating, "I love how the people are cooperating rather than just trying to move forward somehow; it seems like they are used to things like these."

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