Watch: Elders steal hearts with viral 'butterfly song' dance at old age home

Elderly residents at an old age home have captured hearts by recreating a viral dance from schoolgirls called the 'Butterfly Song.'

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In a heartwarming turn of events, a group of school girls has skyrocketed to fame with their infectious rhymes, capturing the internet's attention overnight. Their standout track, the 'Butterfly Song,' has become a sensation, with its delightful lyrics and accompanying dance moves. The internet is now ablaze with over 6500 Instagram Reels featuring this trendy audio.

Among the multitude of reels, one particular video stands out, courtesy of Adaikkalam (Free) Oldage Home. In a charming display of creativity and unity, a group of elderly residents at the old age home recreated the viral dance, mirroring the exact steps of the school girls. The seniors, living together in the facility, executed the choreography with sheer adorableness, turning their reel into a viral sensation that has amassed more than 43.2 million views and 3.4 million likes.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

Netizens were quick to express their delight in the comments section, showering the video with laughing emojis, praise, and witty remarks. One user marveled, "Beautiful butterflies." Another chimed in, "Bruhhh, who the heck put them in old age homes? Seriously, look at them! They're so fun. If you leave them with any child, they would spend time with them. But at least they got friends here. It's sad to see how people leave them in old age homes." A third user sent virtual hugs, saying, "Lovely butterflies… Hugs for all butterflies." And a fourth user added a poignant note, "Age is just a number."

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