Viral video: 'Breathtaking' blue meteor illuminates skies over Spain and Portugal, watch

Social media is abuzz with videos of a giant blue meteor lighting up the skies over Spain and Portugal.

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Viral video: 'Breathtaking' blue meteor illuminates skies over Spain and Portugal, watch


Social media is buzzing with videos of a giant blue, shiny object lighting up the sky, with users claiming it to be a meteor spotted over Spain and Portugal. One particularly viral video, shared on X by user Collin Rugg, captures the stunning spectacle and has sparked widespread amazement.

Rugg's post reads, "Meteor spotted in the skies over Spain and Portugal." He describes the sight as "insane" and mentions that early reports suggest the blue light was visible "darting through the night sky for hundreds of kilometers."

While it remains unconfirmed whether the meteor hit the Earth's surface, Rugg notes that some reports suggest it may have fallen near the town of Castro Daire, while others indicate a possible landing closer to Pinheiro.

Another popular video from a different location also showcases the meteor. Viewers can see the brilliant object streaking across the sky, providing a captivating view of the celestial event.

NASA explains that when meteoroids enter Earth's atmosphere at high speeds and burn up, they create the bright fireballs or "shooting stars" known as meteors. These meteoroids range in size from tiny dust grains to small asteroids.

Rugg's video has generated significant attention, with one amazed viewer commenting, "So friggin cool! Hope nobody got hurt." Another user described it as "a once in a lifetime sight," while others expressed similar awe and excitement.

One user remarked, "This has got to be the craziest meteor footage I’ve ever seen. I bet seeing it in person was mind blowing." Another added, "That’s crazy! Mad props to the person that was able to get this footage!" and another enthused, "What a sight to behold, truly! Marvelous."

The mesmerizing nature of the event captivated viewers, with one noting, "Mesmerizing… in fact, so mesmerizing that people forget they are even recording lol." Another shared a personal anecdote: "I saw one of these over rural Central California once, with two other people. I seriously had time to think 'we're going the way of the dinosaurs.' We checked the news and the radio, nothing, and it must have burned up without hitting anything."

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