Man from UK pleads guilty to theft of gold toilet worth Rs 50 crore, details inside

Man admits stealing a £4.8 million solid gold toilet from Blenheim Palace, causing damage during installation.

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A daring theft has rocked the historic halls of Blenheim Palace, as a man has confessed to pilfering a lavishly crafted solid gold toilet, dubbed 'America', valued at a staggering £4.8 million (approximately ₹50 crore). This audacious act of theft, which occurred during an art exhibition in September 2019, has captured headlines worldwide.

Blenheim Palace, a venerable country estate nestled in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, boasts a rich history dating back over three centuries. Notably, it serves as the birthplace of Winston Churchill, a pivotal figure in British history.

The perpetrator, identified as James "Jimmy" Sheen, 39, hailing from Wellingborough, has pleaded guilty to charges of burglary, handling stolen goods, and conspiracy to commit burglary at the Oxford Crown Court. The lavatory, an 18-carat marvel meticulously crafted by renowned Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, was not merely a piece of art but a fully functional fixture during the exhibition. However, its installation led to unforeseen consequences, causing flooding and damage to the palace's centuries-old infrastructure.

Sheen's criminal escapades extend beyond this brazen heist, as he is currently serving a hefty 17-year sentence for a string of thefts, including the theft of tractors and trophies valued at £400,000 from the National Horse Racing Museum.

While Sheen has come forward, three other individuals implicated in the golden toilet caper have denied their involvement and are slated to stand trial in February 2025.

This peculiar incident involving a golden toilet isn't the first of its kind to make waves in the news. In 2019, a jeweler from Hong Kong unveiled a dazzling diamond-studded gold toilet at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai. Valued at an eye-watering $1.3 million, this lavatory boasted opulence beyond measure, featuring a toilet seat crafted from bulletproof glass and adorned with an astonishing 40,815 small diamonds. Though extravagant, such instances underscore the allure and fascination surrounding these rare and luxurious fixtures.

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