Uber charges Rs 32 lakh to British man for 6 km ride; Details inside

For a journey of 6 km, the cab company charged Rs 32 lakh from a young man.

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New Delhi: Have you ever imagined traveling a few kilometers in a cab and paying a bounty of money for that? Something like this happened in real. For a journey of 6 km, the cab company charged Rs 32 lakh from a young man. Seeing such a huge bill, the senses of the young man who booked Uber Cab were blown away. He immediately rang the phone of the customer care service of the company. After which the whole matter was settled. Actually, this case is from Britain, where 22-year-old Oliver Kaplan booked an Uber cab after leaving the office. He had to go to a pub located about 6 km away from the office. 

32 lakh cab bill came

Everything was going well. Oliver got into the cab and reached his destination. There he had a party and then returned home in the night. But when Oliver got up in the morning to check his credit card bill, he was left stunned as Uber charged Rs 32 lakh for the small distance. 

How did it go wrong?

Oliver was charged so high because somehow the drop-off location for the trip had been set to another place named Ashton-under-Lyne which is near Adelaide in Australia - about 16,000 kilometres.

Uber's reply

However, after talking to customer care, the whole matter was settled and Oliver had to pay only Rs 900. Oliver had traveled about 6 kilometers in 15 minutes. But due to setting the wrong location, a bill of lakhs came. The Uber customer care team has responded to the incident.
Uber said in a statement- 'As soon as this issue was raised by Oliver, we got the fare fixed immediately. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.' 

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