Advertisement's innovative dowry calculator garners social media praise, here's why

A recent post featuring a dowry calculator on has sparked widespread conversation and praise for its innovative approach to combating the dowry practice in India.

Latest News's innovative dowry calculator garners social media praise, here's why


In a digital era where social media platforms often spark discussions on various societal issues, a recent post on an unconventional dowry calculator has ignited a wave of conversation and appreciation for its underlying message.

Since India abolished the practice of dowry back in 1961, the concept of dowry has remained a contentious topic in Indian society. However, a recent post by an X user featuring a dowry calculator hosted on Anupam Mittal's has caught the attention of many.

The seemingly innocuous dowry calculator, which prompts users to input details about their educational qualifications and income, initially appears to be a tool to calculate one's perceived "dowry worth." However, upon clicking the 'Calculate Dowry Amount' button, users are met with a striking revelation.

Instead of providing a monetary figure, the calculator redirects users to a page displaying a poignant message: "91,202 dowry deaths were reported in India between 2001-2012. Do you still want to know?" This sobering statistic is accompanied by a plea to envision a dowry-free society and be the catalyst for change.

The innovative approach has garnered widespread praise from users across social media platforms. @DoctorHussain96, the user who initially shared the calculator, expressed astonishment followed by admiration for its profound message. "Instead of showing their dowry worth, the 'calculator' shows the visitor stats about dowry deaths in India. Respect and wonderful idea," they remarked.

Others echoed similar sentiments, condemning the persistence of dowry practices in any form. Suggestions ranged from reporting accounts that engage with the calculator to implementing mandatory anti-dowry affidavits for all users.

The response to the initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with users hailing it as a commendable effort to combat an entrenched societal issue. Comments such as "Deserves an award!" and "Dil jeet liya sahab" reflect the widespread appreciation for the impactful message conveyed by the dowry calculator.

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