World's only hotel where people come to get insulted, the rent of this place will shock you, it is...

From the absence of towels to toilet paper, this Hotel offers an unconventional stay for those seeking a unique adventure.

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In a world where hotels are synonymous with comfort, there exists one in Britain where people willingly subject themselves to embarrassment. Known as the world's weirdest hotel, this establishment offers no ordinary comfort, yet people are willing to pay up to Rs 20,000 rupees for a night's stay.

In this hotel, guests are met with disdainful remarks when requesting basic necessities. If someone asks for water, the response is, "Go drink from the sink." When inquiring about making tea with tap water, they are told to "use their imagination," according to a report by the Daily Mail. Employees like receptionists are deliberately hired to humiliate guests. The report reveals that during her hiring process, the receptionists are briefed on the task of demeaning guests, a skill at which they excel.

The hotel, named Karen Hotel, is located in London and is part of the infamous restaurant chain known for its humiliation-themed dining experiences. Despite opening just last month, it has already gained popularity. Previously, its restaurant was launched in Australia in 2021 before making its way to Britain. However, despite its reputation, people still choose to visit.

One guest expressed, according to the report, "I am very sensitive; I feel weird in society. I don't joke. I also understand jokes less. I came to this hotel to confront my fears. Being scolded feels like a bad dream to me. But there seems to be no better way to confront my fears. Perhaps I'll find laughter and learn something from the experiences here."

From the absence of towels to toilet paper, Karen Hotel offers an unconventional stay for those seeking a unique adventure. It seems that for some, the chance to confront fears and embrace discomfort outweighs traditional comforts offered by standard hotels.

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