Night watchman at Osmania university lands two government jobs through hard work, details inside

Golle Praveen Kumar, a night watchman at Osmania University, has defied odds by securing two government jobs after clearing competitive exams.

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In a remarkable turn of events, Golle Praveen Kumar, a 31-year-old night watchman at Osmania University, has secured not one, but two government jobs after successfully clearing competitive exams. According to reports, Kumar has been offered a position as a postgraduate teacher and has also made it to the final list of Junior Lecturers (JL).

The Times of India (TOI) states that with these appointments, Kumar is now eligible to teach higher secondary students. Previously earning a modest salary of ₹9,000, Kumar's new roles promise a substantial increase, with monthly earnings expected to range between ₹73,000 to ₹83,000.

Reflecting on his journey, Kumar expressed gratitude for the opportunity, stating, "I never felt like I was doing a job. I had a room, access to books and material, and time to study. And that's all that mattered." He explained that he deliberately chose the night watchman post at the Educational MultiMedia Research Center on the OU campus to ensure his mornings were free for focused study.

Hailing from a humble background, India Today reports that Kumar's father works as a mason, while his mother is employed as a beedi worker in Telangana's Mancherial district.

Despite holding degrees such as BEd, MEd, and MCom, Kumar opted to work as a night guard, a decision driven by his desire to utilize his time effectively for exam preparation and access to study materials.

Kumar's achievement serves as a testament to determination and hard work, inspiring many with his remarkable journey from a night watchman to holding prestigious government teaching positions.

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