Mother polar bear rescues cub from drowning, viral video wins internet

A viral video shared on social media depicts a heartwarming scene of a mother polar bear diving into a pool to save her struggling cub from drowning.

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A captivating video circulating on social media has captured the hearts of thousands, showcasing the incredible bond between a mother polar bear and her cub. In the heart-stopping footage, the courageous mother bear can be seen diving into a pool to rescue her struggling cub from drowning, then proceeding to teach it how to climb to safety.

Shared by user @Gabriele_Corno on Twitter, the 13-second clip has quickly gone viral, amassing over 115,000 views and sparking an outpouring of emotion from viewers worldwide.

Twitter users were quick to express their admiration for the protective instincts displayed by the mother bear, with comments pouring in praising her bravery and maternal love.

“They are exceptional swimmers!” remarked one Twitter user, while another expressed, “So emotional.” A sentiment shared by many was encapsulated by a user who stated, “Whether it is an animal or a human, a mother's love is always unconditional.”

The heartwarming video serves as a poignant reminder of the powerful bonds that exist within the animal kingdom and has left viewers in awe of the remarkable display of maternal instinct.

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