Man sets unusual Guinness World Record by stuffing 68 matchsticks into nostrils, details inside

Peter von Tangen Buskov, a 39-year-old Danish man, has secured an unusual Guinness World Record by inserting 68 matchsticks into his nostrils.

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In an unusual  yet impressive feat, a 39-year-old Danish man, Peter von Tangen Buskov, has clinched a distinctive title in the Guinness World Records (GWR). According to the official GWR website, Buskov secured the world record for the "most matches held in the nose," successfully lodging a staggering 68 matchsticks into his nostrils. Surprisingly, Buskov revealed to GWR that the endeavor didn't cause him much discomfort. "Surprisingly it didn't really hurt," he shared. "I have fairly large nostrils and quite stretchy skin. I'm sure that helped a lot."

The decision to undertake the matchstick challenge stemmed from Buskov's search for unique records he could potentially achieve. Despite acknowledging the randomness of the idea, he confessed to never previously having the inclination to insert objects into his nasal passages, not even during childhood.

Buskov disclosed that his nasal capacity reached its maximum with the insertion of 68 matches, yet he remains open to the prospect of extending his record in the future. "For me, an increase in capacity would require some training, or perhaps my nose will grow as I get older," he remarked to the organization.

Expressing his delight at setting a world record of his own, Buskov emphasized his inclination towards seeking the interesting and peculiar aspects of life. "I hope that this odd little record can remind people not to forget to play a little - and maybe inspire others to set a record themselves," he added.

Looking ahead, Buskov is contemplating attempting another world record, likely involving stuffing objects into a facial orifice, similar to his current achievement. However, he acknowledged the need for further practice to succeed. "My son and I tried a couple of them but none of us were anywhere near record times...yet," he confessed.

On social media platforms, reactions poured in following the revelation of this unusual record. "This is so amazing, people got talents," commented one user, while another expressed amusement, writing, "You look so funny..maybe it hurts a little."

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