Man purchases Ather electric scooter worth Rs 1 lakh with Rs 10 coins, CEO reacts

A Jaipur resident made waves by purchasing an Ather electric scooter worth Rs 1 lakh using only Rs 10 coins.

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A recent purchase of an electric scooter in Jaipur has caught the attention of many after a local resident utilized a unique method to buy the Ather 450 model, priced at Rs 1 lakh, solely using Rs 10 coins.

The customer's unconventional transaction method not only drew interest from the public but also earned praise from Ather's CEO, Tarun Mehta. Mehta took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share his admiration, posting a photo alongside the purchaser, showcasing stacks of Rs 10 coins neatly arranged on a table.

"A new Ather owner just bought himself a 450 in Jaipur. All with 10 Re coins," Mehta's tweet read, garnering a flurry of reactions from users.

Some users expressed curiosity about the logistics behind counting such a large sum of coins. "Do they count coins manually or if weight of each coin remaining same they'll just weigh it all to arrive at the total?" questioned one user.

Another user added a touch of humor, speculating about the origins of the buyer's hefty coin collection. "He is definitely from Bengaluru. None of the Darshinis here accept Rs 10 coins. He has been collecting them for years!" they remarked.

While some remained incredulous, with one user simply stating, "Well, I can't believe this," the story continues to captivate audience

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